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Dutch unveil giant outside vacuum cleaner to filter dirty air

Inventors develop large purifying system intended to capture tiny toxic particles from the surrounding […]

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World Series 2016 Game 1: Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians – live!

Email with your thoughts Predictions ahoy! Our writers’ predictions for the series 1.54am […]

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Swimming with newborn whales: 'Hey, will you play with me?' – in pictures

With the humpback calving season drawing to a close, here’s a look at some […]

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'Repulsively handsome' Hugh Laurie gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Friend and fellow comedian Stephen Fry praises star of House and The Night Manager […]

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Australian man charged with attempted murder at Miranda Kerr's home

Shaun Anthony Haywood, 29, faces possible life sentence for alleged attack on security guard […]

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Unlike Julia Gillard, Hillary Clinton will inherit an electorate incredibly alive to sexism | Kristina Keneally

Australia didn’t stand up for our first female leader when sexism reared its ugly […]

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Former secretary of state Colin Powell reportedly will vote for Hillary Clinton

Former secretary of state says: ‘I am voting for Hillary Clinton’ Republican is latest […]

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Buhari receives warning not to borrow above $22 billion

– The federal government has been advised not to borrow above $22.08 billion in 2017 […]

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Gender pay gap could take 170 years to close, says World Economic Forum

Global economic disparity between men and women found to be rising, with levels now […]

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Most Americans do not feel represented by Democrats or Republicans – survey

Poll finds Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue to face historically low favourability ratings, […]

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Entertainment News

There are people who enjoy puns and there are those who find them incredibly punishing. Simon Gilmore filmed himshelf telling his girlfriend, Dana Lubke, continual puns based on IKEA products with bizarre names.
Feb 21 2016
Olan Rogers has been active on YouTube for at least 8 years. He used to be part of a silly channel named Balloon Shop, but has since gone on to start a channel under his own name.
Feb 13 2016
If you are Harry Potter and you love broken parking games, you're going to love this. American Truck Simulator will be great if you’re secretly into American trucker culture.
Feb 4 2016
Pokémon launched in Japan in 1996 on the Game Boy with Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Red. No one could have imagined that the series would go on to make more than $50 billion in revenue and sell over 250 million copies.
Jan 14 2016